Item Number: 3846

Title: An old fashioned New England Grocery, advertising poster for Chase and Sandborn Coffees

Artist: Abbott Fuller Graves

Date: 1897

Size: Image: 15"x17.5", total frame dimension: 23.5"x26"

Comments: Charming and rarely seen American advertising color lithograph sign for Chase and Sandborn Co. The color lithograph is tipped onto its original black card, which is imprinted in gold. The frame is antique oak with its original mellow golden finish,the glass is old and rippled. Wonderful Americana view of country store. Interesting that people enjoyed the concept of "old fashioned" Americana in 1897. Maybe thats the way the world works...the "good old days" were always in the past!

Price: Sold

Condition: Image A-, fine color (very slight rippling), mat backing and frame are in fine condition.

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