Item Number: 5005

Title: Join the Army Air Service Be an American Eagle!

Artist: Charles Livingston Bull

Size: 21"x28"

Comments: One of the finest and rarest of all US WWI posters...Charles Livingston Bull was America's great animal illustrator of the era. He created this classic poster of eagles battling, with biplanes filling the skies behind. There were very few Army Air Service recruiting posters...this is the best and most valuable. This specimen has wonderful color, was once folded which only shows minimally in the orange background. The finest specimen I have had of this famed poster. One of these is currently on display as one of the very few posters shown in the NYC Metropolitan Museum of Art WWI Graphic Arts exhibition!

Price: Sold

Condition: B+ to A-, linen mounted, fine color, minor traces of folds before mounting

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