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Item Number: 6487

Title: In the Land of Snow and Ice

Artist: Unsigned

Date: 1969

Size: 19"x25"

Comments: Extremely rare 1969 Dartmouth Winter Carnival poster with psychedelic style of the era. This is a super rare poster almost no specimens have ever been sold. I purchased it with two other pieces from the actual artist of the poster a couple years ago and have never offered it for sale. People may not know, but Dartmouth had a hoard of the original posters for certain years and sold them years ago. That is what is on the market today. However it only represented a lilmited range of years. The 1969 posters were not among that group. Hence there is no quantity available at all of this one, and never was. A rare opportunity for the Dartmouth Ski collector.

Price: $595

Condition: A, unmounted, great color

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