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(from the 1840-1844, 1st Octavo Edition by Bowen)
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pl. 460: Wilson's Petrel

pl. 354: Black Necked Still

pl. 474: Black Guillemot

pl. 316: American Golden Plover

pl. 459: Leach's Petrel-
Forked tailed Petrel

pl. 304: Common Gallinule

pl. 155: Snow Lark Bunting

pl. 403: American Scoter Duck

pl. 127: Carolina Titmouse

pl. 415: Common Cormorant

pl. 466: Razor-billed auk

Bank Swallow

pl. 474: Black Guillemot

pl. 481: Horned Grebe

pl. 305: American Coot

pl. 319: Wilson's Plover

pl. 349: Hudsonian Godwit

pl. 348: Great Marbled Godwit

pl. 347: Semipalmated Snipe Willet

pl. 305: American Coot

pl. 378: Barnacle Goose

These are genuine antique lithographs with original hand coloring applied at the time of printing,

Each lithograph print accompanied by certificate of authenticity