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Item Number: E666

Title: The scarlet pastorale

Artist: Aubrey Beardsley

Source: "The Early Work of Aubrey Beardsley" 1912Edition, published by John Lane: The Bodley Head, London

Size: Sheet 8.5"x11"

Comments: Aubrey Beardsley's created some of the most remarkable graphic art of the Art Nouveau period. He lived only 25 years, dying in 1898, but left behind a huge body of pen and ink works, many of surrealist or peversely sexual nature. His works were compiled after his death into a pair of volumes, this plate is from the 1912 edition of "The Early Works of Aubrey Beardsley", and this fascinating, nearly 100 year old print, is among the finer images from this rare set.

Price: $35

Condition: Fine condition, paper is a lovely cream color, unmatted and unframed,

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