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Original and scarce. Excellent for display in kitchens, restaurants! Published NYC, 1911

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Cheese Maple Sugaring Bread Bread Banana
Brussels Sprout Clams Oyster Fish: Striped Bass, etc.
Game Birds Sausage Mutton Beef: Ribs
Dates Cocoanut Four Principal Spices Fig Tree Nuts
Avocado Mango Olive Orange
Peach Nuts Wheat, Oats, Rye Barley, Buckwheat, Rice
Persimmon Tomato Kumquat, Loquat Lemon
Grape Apple Apple Apricot
Green Turtle Fish: Bluefish, etc. Fish: Salmon, etc. Fish: Haddock, etc. Duck
Licorice Liqueurs Pear Tea Plant
Grapefruit Muskmelon Watermelon Orange
Pineapple Plum Pomegranate Tropical Fruits Berries
Asparagus Mushroom Salsify Peanut Pepper
Tobacco Sugar Cane Vanilla Honey St. John's Bread
Eggplant Cucumber Sweet Corn Corn Celery
Beef: Sirloin Beef: Steak Lamb Ham, Bacon Veal