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Hinton's "History and Topography of the United States"
Fine and Very Scarce Antique Steel Engravings Printed in 1846
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Capital of the United States

The President's House

City Hall
New York

Albany from Van
Unsselaens Island

Title Page
Hinton's History

St. Paul's Broadway
New York

Natural Bridge

Map of North

Harper's Ferry

Palisade Rocks on the
Hudson, New York

Source of the
Passaic Falls

Lake George
New York

Hancock House

State House

Custom House

View of Tremont House

Schenectady on the Mohawk
River, New York

Episcopal Church
Richmond, Virginia

View of Philadelphia

Death of General
Montgomery, Quebec

Battle Monument
Baltimore, Maryland

Amherst College
Amherst, Massachusetts

Yale College
New Haven, Connecticut

Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts

Military School
West Point, New York

View of Newburgh
New York

Race Point Fairmount Water
Works, Philadelphia PA

Pentitentiary Philadelphia

Distant View Niagara Falls
New York

Asylum, Newport
Rhode Island

View of the Canal, Little
Mohawk River, New York

Headwaters of Juniata,
Alleghany Mountains, PA

Piazza Congress Hall
Saratoga Springs, New York

Capital of Virginia

Capture of British Gurriere
by U.S. Frigate Constitution

View of New York City
New York

Battle at Bunker's Hill
Charlestown, Massachusetts

Niagara Falls,
New York


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