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Photo and paper ephemera archive of
John Steele Indian Motorcycle Dealership, Patterson, NJ, c1905-1930s:

PRICE FOR COLLECTION of Photos and Ephemera: SOLD

A remarkable collection of Indian Motorcycle untouched group decended in the proprietors family,
This is the sum total of this archive, no items have been held back for separate sale.
Click the newspaper article for the early history of this dealership, which began in 1907, and ended early in the Depression.
Highlights include 4 large photos on card mounts, including a remarkable image of "Opening Day, 1912".
There are at least 65 smaller format photos, most all showing motorcyles or hill climb races,
about half of these have some inscription on back (ID and/or location and/or date).
Some of these images pertain to Orie Steele, the son of John Steele, who was a nationally renowned hill climbing champion.
In addition, a large number of other pieces including 2 medals, letterheads, envelopes, advertising and other Indian ephemera.

Items in the John Steele Indian Dealership collection (click for larger image and details):

Newspaper article from 1918 describing history of
John Steele Indian Motorcycle Dealership (click to read it)
Opening Day, 1912
Steele Dealership inscribed
"Indian Day Feb. 22, 1917"

Steel Indian Dealership
Very early photo of many Indians
65 smaller snapshot photos,
about half with some ID, never before published

Orie Steele Articles and Champions Card

Larger image of Orie Steele Card text on back

Envelopes, decals, unused letterheads, some used
Large fold out dated 1936

Miscellaneous items, including blotters, price list (torn), interesting letter, etc
Indian razor knife, Bronze medal for John Steele, and sterling Indian Dealer Medal
"Real photo" postcard, very early c. 1906? of Steele and Partner as Barbers, next to Iver Johnson Dealership with early motorcycle

Larger images of some of the small photos that were shown above (in the large grouping of the 65 smaller photos)
(click thumbnails for more detail):

Orie Steele and other hill climber "Grove"
Very interesting photo with glamorous Indian(?) woman at meet, who is she?
Hill Climb competitions and local scenes with motorcycles
John Steele and family? with Indian with large sidecar

Scene in front of dealership, with
live "Indian" in regalia
Details of some of the photos
Slightly larger images
of the photos
Slightly larger images
of the photos